Mystique 24K Gold Face Tightener
September 22, 2016
10ml Mystique 24K Gold Elixir
September 7, 2017
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Mystique 24K Energy Beauty Bar

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The 24k Gold Beauty Bar is a vibration machine of the gold plate that gives enriching assumed to be living alive to the skin. With 6000 times ion micro-vibrations per minute, makes the skin needed nutrition can quickly into the skin, stimulates the growth of skin cells and improve skins brightness, firmness and elasticity giving you glowing, youthful and radiant skin. It also can increase your skin care product up to 70% more effectively.

The ‘T’ head design can easily touch the face each detailed part to target drooping jaw lines, sloped/tired eyes, puffy eyes, crow’s feet, frown lines and those pesky neck lines for better enhancement and result.

With a minimum 3 minutes a day or more by using 45℃ lifting upward motion, you can see instant lifting effect everyday.

• instantly tightens and lifts skin
• increase blood circulation
• restores skin radiance, firmness & elasticity
• helping deep penetration of skincare to into skin
• decrease fine lines, wrinkle and dark circle
• contours face
• drain water retention


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