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June 30, 2016
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Mystique Black Suction Tube

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What’s it formulated to do?


Are you bothered by ugly blackheads and black spots on your nose and face? , Well it’s time to say goodbye ! At Mystique Beauty we have specialized in an effective blackhead treatment to help you remove blackheads quick and at a reasonable price from home. The Mystique Black Suction peel off mask for blackhead removal is our definitive best-seller. It’s a skincare discovery that soon became extremely popular for beauty enthusiasts all over the world because of it’s efficiency on removing blackheads directly from the root. This liquid purifying gel has been a phenomenal sensation in aiding with removing impurities from the skin and leaving an all natural glow after use . To purify skin, it removes old cell tissue, excessive sebum and conquers more than what you’ve bargained for.

The Mystique Black Suction Tube amounts to 10 Mystique Black sachets 

1) Wash your face with soap and lukewarm water

2) Apply a layer of the Black Mask on areas where you would like to remove blackheads. normally this will be the so called T-zone of your face, the forehead, nose and chin.

Please note: If you put on a too thick layer the mask will need a very long time to dry. If you put on a too thin layer, the blackheads won’t stick too well to the mask. Please give it a few tries before you find your optimal amount.

3) Sit down and relax with Some BABE tea while the mask dries. This will normally take about 15-30 minutes, depending on the thickness of the black mask layer that you applied.

4) When the mask is fully dried, careful peel off your Black Mask in dry flakes. The blackheads will stick to the dried mask and get pulled out of the pores of your skin. As the blackheads will be clearly visible on the removed flakes of Black Mask, you will be able to see the immediate result with your own eyes!

5) Rinse your face with lukewarm water again and pat dry with a towel.

Repeat the treatment per your needs – At this price you will be able to do your own facial cleansing treatment against blackheads once per week to always have a flawless, clean skin.



Please know that has invested abundant time into the researching & testing on the products we manufacture & import . We care for your safety and so does our skin specialist team therefore we will be posting medical write ups on our products .

Water : is used as a solvent in skin care products in which it dissolves many of the ingredients that impart skin benefits such as conditioning & cleansing agents.

The daily dye is merely used to impart colour to the product which aids in appearance.

Polyvinyl alcohol is used to restore skin’s natural glow by erasing dull dead skin and pore clogging oil.

Propylene glycol- attracts water & functions as a humectant, which enhances the appearance of skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness.

Diazonium imidazolidinyl urea- used as anti microbial preservatives to prevent product damage from bacteria, yeast & mould and to protect the product from inadvertent contamination by the consumer during use.

Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate- Functions as a preservative. It is Used to prevent bacterial growth, thereby protecting the product from spoilage.

Hyaluronic acid & Glycerin- functions as a humectant that plumps skin and delivers intense hydration by attracting and retaining moisture from water in the air.

Flavor- It is used as a fragrance Ingredient to produce or mask a particular flavor.

Propylene glycol & glycerol are from a common class so they function in the same way

1. For external use only.
2. Avoid contact with eyes.
3. Keep out of reach of children.
4. Discontinue use if signs of irritation and/or rash appear.

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